3 Ways to Start the Year with a Healthy Smile

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The start of a new year is the ideal moment to start again. Why not enhance your oral health as well? It is time to make resolutions to be healthier through exercise and diet. Maintaining good dental health can help avoid various health problems including cardiac problems, strokes, and diabetes because the mouth is the body’s entry point.

Setting up a strong oral health regimen early on can help children in particular develop lifelong positive habits. To put your children on the right track for a healthy mouth, make sure they wash their teeth twice a day and floss once.

Here are 3 suggestions to get the finest oral health possible as you begin the new year

1. Check your flossing technique

Flossing should be done at least once each day for better oral health. Only 60% of the surfaces of your teeth can be reached with a toothbrush, and the remaining 40% can only be cleaned with floss. But flossing the right way is also important to improve your oral health. If you don’t utilize floss properly and reach far enough beneath the gums, flossing won’t be able to remove plaque that is wedged between your teeth and much below the gumline. On the other hand, those who floss too hard run the risk of damaging their gums, which could cause issues with their oral health in the future. Make sure to ask your hygienist for advice on the best way to floss.

2. Remember to clean your tongue!

Millions of bacteria reside on your tongue, which may help to form plaque and cause cavities. Additionally, it has taste buds and folds that may collect accumulation and debris that causes bad breath. Make sure to clean your tongue whenever you brush to get rid of germs.

3. Reduce sugar intake

Tooth decay and sugar have a direct causal relationship. You can lower your chance of acquiring cavities by consuming less sugar. It can be challenging to limit your intake of sweets, so consider making some replacements, such as switching to sugar-free seltzer water or chewing sugar-free gum in place of sweet aerated beverages whenever temptation strikes. Chewing sugar-free gum after a meal is found to be beneficial! It can assist in removing food crumbs and harmful bacteria until you have a chance to wash your teeth.

For those special occasions when you want a sweet treat, stay clear from hard candies and sticky gummies since they stick to your teeth’ surface and aid in the production of harmful acid that erodes tooth enamel.


Celebrate the beginning of 2023, but don’t neglect your oral hygiene! For routine examinations, excellent oral health advice, and more, call WISE DENTAL in Bridgeport, Texas. Call us right away to make an appointment at (940) 683-3233.

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