Why Are Oral Cancer Screenings Important?

If you have recently been recommended for an oral cancer screening, you may be wondering why, and how you can benefit from it. Continue reading to learn why oral cancer screenings are important. What is an Oral Cancer Screening? An oral cancer screening is a routine test that is done to ensure that there are […]


When Should Your Child Get a Tooth Extraction?

While baby teeth do fall out on their own, there are some instances in which your child may be recommended for a tooth extraction. Continue reading to learn when your child should get a tooth extraction. Why Does My Child Need Their Tooth Extracted? Some common reasons that may cause your child to be recommended […]


Quick Remedies for Bad Breath in Any Situation

Bad breath can be extremely detrimental to your self-confidence, especially in important social situations. Here are some quick remedies for bad breath that you can use in any situation. Brushing and Flossing Bad breath is caused by high levels of bacteria in the mouth. Ensuring that you are thoroughly brushing twice daily, followed by thorough […]


How to Know When a Dental Problem is an Emergency?

In order to ensure that you receive the care you need, it is important to know when a dental problem is an emergency. Continue reading for some tips and information on identifying a dental emergency. 4 Signs You Need Emergency Dental Care 1. Severe Pain Severe pain in the teeth or gums should never be […]


How Regular Check-Ups Affect Your Dental Health

Ensuring that you are attending your regular dental check-ups is one of the best ways to maintain your healthiest smile. Here’s some information on how regular check-ups affect your dental health. Prevent Gum Disease Gum disease is a chronic infection of the gum tissues that develop over time due to a large bacteria content in […]


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