5 Reasons You May Need Bone Grafting

5 Reasons You May Need Bone Grafting

When the jawbone begins to weaken or recede, your dentist may recommend that you have a bone graft to help rebuild structure and strength. This is a quick and easy procedure that can be performed by a general dentist or specialist.

Listed below are a few reasons why your dentist may have recommended a bone graft

Gum Disease

Gum disease can weaken the jaw bone and cause bone and gum recession. Over time, this may cause the teeth to loosen and even fall out. Bone grafting is available to restore a sturdy foundation for strong and healthy teeth.

Missing Teeth

When you have missing teeth in the mouth, the jaw bone will deteriorate because it doesn’t have a tooth to support. This will, in turn, make it difficult to get dental implants, and may lead to the loss of even more teeth. Bone grafting can both restore missing bone structure and prevent jawbone loss in the future. Once the jaw bone is strengthened by the bone graft, you’ll have many more options for restoring your teeth.

Support for Dental Implants

One of the most common reasons that a patient undergoes bone grafting is to strengthen the jawbone and prepare the area for the placement of dental implants. If there is not enough bone structure present to support the implant, the treatment faces the possibily of failure. Bone grafting is done to ensure that there is enough structure to support the successful placement of a dental implant.

Teeth Misalignment

Believe it or not, crooked or misaligned teeth can actually cause bone loss over time. When teeth are out of place, the bone stimulation can decrease over time. Pursuing orthodontic treatment such as Invisalign or braces is a great way to ensure that the teeth are aligned, but bone grafting may still be needed to ensure a strong base to support the teeth once your orthodontic treatment is complete.

Denture Support

If you are planning on getting dentures, you are going to need a sturdy base for them to sit on. If you’ve had teeth removed or they were knocked out by accident, bone loss over time is inevitable. A bone graft is typically used to help strengthen the jaw bone and allow the dentures to last longer and fit more comfortably as a result.

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