Root Canal



The root canal procedure is carried out to prevent a tooth badly deteriorated because of severe infection which would otherwise required to be extracted. Your tooth may get infected due to a variety of reasons such as cavities, crowns, cracks, large fillings, fractures, trauma or severe wear.

Reasons you Need Root Canal Treatment

The prime purpose of root canal treatment is to make your infected teeth healthy enough so that it can be retained. The therapy is required when decay or infection affects the nerve of your tooth. Our dentists are known for providing quality root canal treatment in Bridgeport, TX. They carry out the procedure to save your tooth by safely removing pulp, affected nerves and decay and fill up the space with special and medicated dental materials. There are times when a crown is needed, but mostly a filling on your frontal tooth suffices.

The root canal therapy is known for high success rates. You are advised to go for a permanent restoration within 30 days of root canal treatment as failing to do so may require another round of root canal or tooth removal in the worst case scenarios.

You Must Go for a Root Canal Treatment If:

  • There is any injury or trauma caused to your tooth
  • There is extreme wear
  • Infection or abscess has started developing inside the tooth or at the root tip
  • Decay has reached the living tissue inside the tooth also known as tooth pulp

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