Brighten your smile with the Zoom Teeth Whitening

Brighten your smile with the Zoom teeth whitening

Patients put up with the discomfort of cosmetic procedures in exchange for attractive outcomes. To achieve the look, they want, many people give up the things they enjoy to maintain their looks. For instance, some give up coffee, tomato sauce, and other foods that cause teeth stains to have pearly white teeth.

Fortunately, thanks to Zoom teeth whitening, a cutting-edge whitening device, you don’t have to pick between stained meals and white teeth. Dull, discolored, or yellowed teeth are a thing of the past and can be given new life with Zoom. Zoom teeth whitening can help restore the shine to your teeth, whether it is due to stains, injury, or aging.

Before we go further let’s learn Why Do Teeth Become Discolored?

The three main causes of teeth discoloration are wear and tear, injury, and stains. No matter how well you care for your mouth, age inevitably manifests itself in your teeth. The white enamel that you associate with white teeth gradually erodes with chewing and brushing. This reveals the dentin, the second layer of the tooth that is naturally grayish-yellow in color.

Some of your favorite foods and beverages may stain teeth, as was previously discussed. If you eat colorful, acidic foods like tomato sauce, curries, and berries frequently, they can discolor your teeth.

Additionally, dark beverages like tea, coffee, and sodas can leave stains on clothing. Tetracycline is one drug that can give the appearance that teeth are brown. Every tobacco product leaves a stain.

Discolored teeth might also be damaged teeth. Diseases that damage enamel or dentin can cause teeth to become gray. A dimming effect could also be caused by radiation and chemotherapy. Your teeth may also lose their luster if you have trauma that harms the tooth pulp.

Why Whiten Teeth with Zoom?

According to a survey, “men assume that a nice smile produces greater success in life, whilst women are more prone to believe that a nice smile implies a friendly disposition.”

In either case, having a whiter smile thanks to this teeth-whitening technique can help you make outstanding first impressions and open up a world of opportunities in both your social and professional lives. You’ll leave your teeth-whitening appointment looking and feeling more like “you”!

The Benefits Of in-office Zoom Whitening

Your dentist can use potent bleaching agents that can whiten your teeth up to eight shades lighter during an in-office procedure. They can use stronger concentrations of peroxide and other chemicals than what is sold without a prescription. For more consistent outcomes, a hygienist can also clean your teeth beforehand.

While zoom treatments performed in-office take roughly 45 minutes, the results from just one visit can endure for years, particularly if you use the at-home touch-up kit. In addition to being noticeably superior to any over-the-counter product, the results also start to show after just one Wise Dental office visit.

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