Dental Care During Pregnancy

Dental Care During Pregnancy

There is plenty to do to get ready for your new baby during pregnancy, which is a really exciting period. It’s simple to let certain aspects of your life slide, but it’s crucial to maintain good oral health because diseases like dental caries, gingivitis, and erosion are more prevalent at this time of year.

The majority of dental services and operations, including dental x-rays, tooth extractions, fillings, and cleanings, can be performed safely while you are pregnant; tooth extractions are advised to be done in your second or third trimester. Before getting a filling, talk to your dentist. The common dental services you can receive while pregnant are covered in the blog that follows, or continue reading to find out the most frequently asked questions about dental care during pregnancy.

What Activities During Pregnancy Are Safe?


Dental x-rays are regarded as safe during pregnancy, according to the American Dental Association (ADA) and the American Academy of Family Physicians. To ensure that you and your unborn child are protected appropriately, let the medical personnel know that you are pregnant.

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Also, the ADA has ruled that tooth extractions are safe to do while pregnant. Nevertheless, since your baby’s organs are developing during the first trimester and it could be difficult to rest on your back for longer amounts of time during the third, it might be preferable to do this during the second trimester.


According to a 2015 study that was published in the Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA), local aesthetic dental treatment, including procedures done in the first trimester, is safe. Make sure to discuss any concerns you have with your dentist so you can decide what is best for both you and your child.

Cavities can be safely filled at any point throughout pregnancy. If possible, fillings should be scheduled during the second trimester, when the danger of motion sickness has subsided. Dental amalgams, however, which are used in “silver fillings,” do contain mercury and can somewhat endanger the unborn child. If you require a filling, talk to your dentist about probable amalgams and their hazards.


Pregnancy-related dental cleanings are not only safe, but also recommended. Regular dental cleanings can prevent or treat pregnancy induced gingivitis, a common issue during pregnancy.

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Your teeth and gums undergo changes during pregnancy and after giving birth, much like the rest of your body. After giving birth, it is a good idea to visit your dentist again. Everything that was put off needs to be scheduled now.


As soon as your child’s first tooth erupts, but no later than their first birthday, you should take them to the dentist for their dental health.


Dental care problems can also pose difficulties during your pregnancy and your oral health depends on receiving good preventative care and follow-up care. You can aid in the prevention of dental problems by consulting your dentist frequently. Call Wise Dental in Bridgeport, Texas, at 940-683-3233 if you require either preventative treatment or emergency care. You and your child are important to our dental team. Our experts are always there to ensure that you receive the best guidance and treatment.

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