Diabetes and Oral Health: Yes, They are Connected

Diabetes and Oral Health

The gums, and diabetes are very well-connected. Patients who are diabetic should take care of their oral health more than others. The gums support your teeth and therefore, the infection that is formed by plaque and tartar can spread from your gums to the bones that support the gums. There can be severe tartar placed around the neck of your teeth that can destroy the bones surrounding them. This is called a periodontitis and can be removed by at the dental clinic Bridgeport. To remove the infection you need to remove the tartar first. The Bridgeport dentist suggest that the main source of the infection needs to be removed if you want to save your teeth from falling and that is plaque and let the bone and gums heal.

A diabetic patient has a slower healing response if their teeth are infected with plaque. There are high chances that gums are inflamed since long time, and the initial healing is compromised. The teeth start shaking as the bones become weak and response less towards the treatment of removing the infection. Visit general dentistry in Texas as early as possible to cure your oral health and below are few points to understand if you are diabetic.

  1. Check if you have been bleeding gums.
  2. Notice if your teeth have spaces and its increasing, strength of your teeth is decreasing, bad breath, pus coming out in gums. Consult your dentist immediately.
  3. Periodontitis affects both children and adults.
  4. Each diabetic patient has a different level of response towards plaque and tartar, and so each patient will not have the same level of inflammation.
  5. Your diabetes status may get worse if you infected with periodontitis.
  6. Regular follow-ups are needed in this situation as healing process for a diabetic is slow.

If you need any other help regarding your oral health, feel free to contact us at the general dentistry Bridgeport TX. The dentist can help you with any kind of issues related to your teeth.

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