How To Care For Your Brand New Crown Smile?

How To Care For Your Brand New Crown Smile

When it comes to restoring your beautiful smile, crowns are undoubtedly the most versatile choice that helps restore the function, correct cosmetic flaws, and add strength to your teeth. Crowns have been highly adapted due to their durability and cost-effectiveness. The fact that it helps save your natural tooth is the main reason for its popularity. If proper care is taken, crowns could last for years to come. Here are some simple tips from a Bridgeport dental clinic to ensure your crown offers you years of a flawless, beautiful smile.

Avoid hard and sticky food

Crowns are strong and durable but they still can be damaged just like your original teeth. Hard candies and chewy, sticky foods could crack or loosen the crown. Ice or other hard food items could crack or break your crown which means you will have to get it replaced. Sticky food items can get stuck between your gum and your crown, weakening the crown. So, it is advised to avoid such food when you can.

Brush and floss regularly

Your crown might be a prosthetic cap but the original tooth underneath and the rest of your natural teeth requires routine oral care to keep your dental health in good shape. Even though the crown extends over the entire surface of the natural tooth, you need to still brush your crown gently to remove the plaque film from its surface. Moreover, it is also vital to floss as the food particles can be trapped between the crown and gums or adjacent teeth.

Keep old bad habits at bay

Old habits like biting nails, chewing pen/pencils, stress grinding your teeth, and opening hard-to-budge bottle caps could break your crown. Not only do these habits lead to crown breakage but also could crack or chip your natural teeth. Moreover, hard objects can also cause damage to your gums. It is high time now that you break these unhealthy habits and protect your brand new crown smile as well as maintain your oral health.

Use a night guard if necessary

Many people have this habit of grinding and clenching their teeth which can be controlled to an extent when the person is awake. However, many people even grind and clench their teeth while they are sleeping. Grinding and clenching is a serious issue as of now but over time it could take a serious toll on your crown as well as your teeth. Normal biting exerts 200 pounds of pressure per square inch. So, in case of grinding and clenching the pressure increases significantly which poses a risk of breakage on your crown. Consult a cosmetic dentist in Bridgeport and he will tell if you have this grading habit by inspecting your teeth and gums. If you have this habit, you could get a custom night guard from your dentist to cushion your teeth and thereby protect your crown.

Do not miss your regular dental checkups

Paying a regular visit to your dentist is important to make sure your oral health is in a good shape. During these routine checkups, your dentist will inspect the gums surrounding the crown and the supporting teeth as these need to be healthy for a crown to last longer.

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