How to Keep Your Mouth Healthy?

How to Keep Your Mouth Healthy?

Oral health is often overlooked by many of us and we might end up paying a huge price for it later. According to expert dentists in Bridgeport, it is very important to take the necessary steps to keep your mouth healthy and not avoid your oral health as doing so could land you in a serious problem. You all know the ABCs of oral health which is brushing and rinsing – but there’s a lot more to it which can give you a healthy mouth. Let’s get down to some tips for achieving and maintaining a marvelous mouth.

Using the right toothbrush

A very common mistake people often make is not using the right toothbrush. Using a good quality toothbrush with soft bristles makes brushing a breeze. However, if your toothbrush has bent bristles, it a clear sign that you should replace it. If you brushing with a proper technique, your toothbrush should last two to three months. Using the same toothbrush for a longer period than this can affect the quality of brushing and cleaning. In fact, a toothbrush with rough bristles can turn out to be harmful, causing injury to your gums and teeth. That’s why dentists emphasize on using the right toothbrush.

Practicing the right brushing technique

You all might be aware that one should brush twice a day. But that’s not going to do any good if you are not doing it with a proper technique. Hold your brush at an angle of 45 degree, pointing it towards the gum line and brush in a short, gentle and circular motion. Experts of general dentistry in Texas suggests that you should ideally brush every tooth 10-15 times. However, do not overdo as that might damage your teeth and gum line.

Perform Flossing Diligently

Finesse flossing leads to a healthier mouth. Flossing is often undermined but is very important for good oral health. But there’s a right way to do it as flaws in the process can cause damage to the gums. Take a foot long piece of floss and wrap it around your index fingers keeping two-inch distance between both the fingers. Move it in between the teeth break up the plaque. Every time you floss, you should unroll a fresh piece of floss.

Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking is inevitable for a healthy mouth. You might have heard this a lot of time before, but this times you are getting the validation of this fact from an expert dentist in Bridgeport. The nicotine and the tar in cigarettes turn your teeth yellow, eat away your gums, harm the tissue, and weakens the bones supporting your teeth.

Paying a regular visit to your dentist

Visit your dentist at least twice a year. Many of us are prone to avoid it which may turn out harmful in the long run. Get your oral health examined by your dentist so that if there are any dental problems they can be diagnosed early on before it causes greater harm.

Hope the above tips help you in maintaining sound oral health. Do you have any queries about oral health or are facing any oral health issue, feel free to get in touch with us.

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