Partial Dentures Vs Dental Bridges – Which Is Better?

Partial Dentures Vs Dental Bridges

Having lost a few teeth create gaps in the smile and could dramatically affect your speech, bite, and appearance. Rather than putting up with the inconveniences and embarrassment, you must be considering paying a visit to a Bridgeport dental clinic to discuss tooth replacement options. Partial dentures and dental bridges are the most common tooth restoration options. But what’s best for you depends on a myriad of factors including your oral health and lifestyle. Your dentist will surely guide you extensively but here, we will discuss the basics of both these types of restoration procedures as a primer.

Partial Dentures

A partial denture is a removable, custom-made prosthetic that fits around the remaining natural teeth. It is attached to your mouth using precision attachments or clasps that clip onto your natural teeth. A partial denture has pink acrylic artificial gums with false teeth mounted on it. It has to be removed for cleaning and while sleeping. Though it is not fixed, patients can enjoy most foods without worrying about the denture coming off.

Fixed Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are artificial teeth that are fixed permanently in your mouth. If you have one or more adjacent missing teeth, then dental bridges are used to ‘bridge’ the gap between your existing natural teeth. Most often they are secured in place by crowning the neighboring teeth (natural teeth at both ends of the gap). For placing the bridge, the abutment teeth (the teeth supporting the bridge) has to be modified slightly so that it fits properly beneath the crowns. If the patients do not have any healthy neighboring teeth or multiple teeth are extracted/missing, bridges are placed using dental implants. Patients usually adapt easily to a fixed bridge and find it easy to eat with it and clean it.

Which One Is Right For You?

After assessing your dental health, your dentist could suggest which teeth replacement option is the best-fit for you. Factors such as the health of your remaining natural teeth and the extent of tooth loss are taken into account to make the recommendation.

Typically, a partial denture could be a good fit for you if:

  • You have lost multiple teeth at different places throughout the arch
  • Your existing natural teeth aren’t strong enough to support a fixed bridge
  • The cost of restorative procedure is a concern for you

A fixed bridge may be a great choice if:

  • You have lost just a few teeth (one to three) from one part of your dental arch
  • You want a fixed and properly secured solution that could bear a strong bite force
  • Your abutment teeth are healthy enough to support a bridge
  • You are looking for an enhanced appearance and want your new teeth to look quite natural

Now that we have explained to you the difference at a glance, you shall consult a cosmetic dentist in Bridgeport and get your condition professionally assessed so that you could restore your smile at the earliest.

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