Should I Say Yes to Topical Fluoride Treatment for My Kids?

Should I Say Yes to Topical Fluoride Treatment for My Kids?

Both children and adults should have a fluoride treatment, which is a crucial preventive measure. Natural sources of fluoride include the crust of the earth, food, water, and dental products like toothpaste and mouthwash. It also serves as nature’s cavity-prevention tool.

Why is fluoride important for kids?

Children are more prone to cavities than adults. Poor dental hygiene and a propensity for high-sugar diets are the main causes of this.

The bacteria that produce acid in our mouths feed on sugar. Acid production increases as the consumption of sugary foods increases. Small holes start to emerge on the teeth as a result of acid eating away at the enamel. Fluoride controls the pH of the mouth in addition to strengthening the enamel.

Are children safe from fluoride?

Yes! When given to kids at the recommended dose, fluoride is perfectly safe.

What Is Treatment with Topical Fluoride?

After a thorough professional mouth washing, a topical fluoride treatment is applied to the tooth enamel as an adhesive anticipatory agent. A qualified dentist applies fluoride treatment to your teeth.

How Does Fluoride Treatment for Children Work?

An application of topical fluoride to the teeth by a dentist is known as a fluoride treatment. While dentists can use a foam or ointment in a fluoride-tasting plate for children, they typically use varnish instead.

After cleaning your child’s teeth, the dentists at Wise Dental simply apply the varnish on their teeth. The entire process only lasts a few minutes and is painless.

The varnish is toughened when it comes into touch with saliva, making it safe for younger children as well because they won’t lick it off or swallow it.

What Age Should Children Get A Fluoride Treatment?

Dentists often advise fluoride treatments for children twice a year, unless your child is particularly at risk of tooth decay. The child should receive fluoride treatments until they are at least 16 years old.

Fluoride Treatment For Your Child With Smart Dental

The next step is to schedule an appointment with our kind dentist at Wise Dental once you have a better understanding of how fluoride treatments operate and why they are crucial. To find out if your child at Wise Dental in Bridgeport could benefit from fluoride treatments, schedule a consultation by calling 940-683-3233.

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