The Lumineers Process: Step-By-Step


Lumineers are a great alternative to braces and professional whitening procedures if you’re looking for a means to remove discoloration and straighten crooked teeth. Anyone self-conscious about their smile should go for Lumineers. Dental Lumineers can help you achieve the ideal smile of your dreams and regain your confidence. Your teeth will appear aesthetically perfect, white, and lovely when you wear these ultra-thin porcelain slips, which fit exactly over them.

Still, need to be persuaded? In just two visits, Lumineers may be fitted and applied!


Veneers are sold under the name Dental Lumineers. Your teeth are covered with these delicate, shell-like covers to instantly hide aesthetic issues like stains, chipping, or gaps. To give the appearance of a beautiful smile, each one is individually attached to a tooth’s front surface. Numerous dental issues can be resolved with Lumineers, including:

  1. Your teeth have large gaps between them.
  2. crooked teeth.
  3. Fractured teeth.
  4. Discolored teeth.
  5. Misaligned teeth.
  6. Gum Recession.
  7. Artificial-looking crowns and bridges.


Your underlying teeth, bone, and gums need to be in excellent condition for Lumineers to be applied. Before application, you must have treatment if you have gum disease or tooth decay. Lumineers can be kept in place longer than conventional porcelain veneers, up to 20 years. Then, Lumineers can be taken out if you want to reveal your natural teeth in their entirety.

X-rays and bite impressions are collected during the first session to determine how the teeth fit together precisely. Additionally, your teeth will be carefully inspected to make sure there are no signs of gum disease or tooth decay. Dentists at Wise Dental and you will decide on the Lumineers’ color and amount of transparency jointly.


At Wise Dental, you may now see a preview of your Lumineers smile before you get them! With the use of our dental digital imaging, you may see what Lumineers might look like in your mouth and decide on a course of treatment with your dentist. It only requires a picture of your smile and is quick and free. Following the taking of your photo by our team, it is forwarded to a Lumismile artist who then overlays Lumineers on the pictures of your teeth. You’ll get your image back and a portfolio with a picture of your potential Lumineers smile before you leave our office that day.


The Lumineers are glued to the teeth during your second session. The bonding fluid may flow out from behind the Lumineers during the bonding process. In this instance, a beveled feather edge margin is used to gently remove extra bonding. We will polish the Lumineers till they are completely smooth after they have been installed. The benefit of this smoothness is that it makes the surfaces of your new smile more durable than the surfaces of your natural teeth because germs and staining agents cannot easily adhere to them.

The last separation is the stage of the placement procedure. Until now, where the bite impressions indicate that teeth would naturally unite, the Lumineers have been cemented in place.


Lumineers offer several benefits over conventional veneer coatings. The fact that no uncomfortable tooth modifications are necessary before applying the Lumineers is the benefit that concerned patients will find most valuable. Speech and eating are hardly ever impacted by the coverings themselves because they are so light and unobtrusive.

Some special benefits of Lumineers include:

  1. They have a 20-year lifespan.
  2. There is no need for rough drilling of the internal tooth mechanics.
  3. Injections are not required.
  4. No discomfort or agony when receiving therapy.
  5. You only need to make two dentist appointments to start seeing effects.
  6. Lumineers can be positioned more than once at once.
  7. The Lumineers are not easily stained or discolored.
  8. materials so thin they are no thicker than a contact lens.
  9. Treatment can be stopped at any time.

Summing this up

With Lumineers your Smile Will Change in Just Two Visits. In just two appointments, your smile can be entirely altered, and with regular maintenance, the results can last up to 20 years. To discover more about the Lumineers’ method, contact Wise Dental Dentistry right away to arrange for a Lumineers consultation. Getting started on your Lumineers journey excites us!

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