How to Know When a Dental Problem is an Emergency?

How to Know When a Dental Problem is an Emergency

In order to ensure that you receive the care you need, it is important to know when a dental problem is an emergency. Continue reading for some tips and information on identifying a dental emergency.

4 Signs You Need Emergency Dental Care

1. Severe Pain

Severe pain in the teeth or gums should never be ignored. If you are experiencing pain in the mouth, it is crucial that you give your dentist a call to schedule an emergency appointment. A thorough examination will help your dentist determine the cause of your pain so that he or she can administer the treatment you need.

2. Bleeding

Bleeding in the mouth – even after brushing or flossing – is not considered to be normal. If you are experiencing bleeding inside your mouth, it is crucial that you schedule an emergency dental visit to have an examination.

3. Infection

An infected tooth can be potentially life-threatening if not properly cared for. Signs of infection include extreme pain, swelling, a dull ache in your jaw, or a high fever. It is important to schedule an emergency dental appointment so your dentist can conduct an examination and prescribe you antibiotics to clear up the infection before administering treatment.

4. Broken or Lost Tooth

A broken, chipped, or lost tooth is definitely something that constitutes a dental emergency. Even if a chipped or broken tooth is not causing you any pain, it has the potential to worsen over time; always see your dentist for an emergency visit as soon as you have discovered the break or chip.

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