5 Recommendations for Reducing Braces Pain

5 Recommendations for Reducing Braces Pain

Braces are ideal for people who have visibly crooked or overcrowded teeth. However, since the braces put a lot of stress on your teeth, as it realigns your teeth and makes your smile better, it is normal for you to experience braces pain. For the initial few days, you would also experience pain in your cheeks and depending on how severe your pain is; your dentists might prescribe you some medicine. You can also take over-the-counter medicines, but there are other ways you can reduce your braces pain too:

Ice packs

Using ice packs over the area of pain would reduce inflammation. Put an ice pack over the area that hurts and let it sit for a bit. The ice will numb the area, and slowly it will reduce the pain too. You can also drink ice-cold water to numb your mouth temporarily. If you have access to ice cubes or popsicles, you can suck on them too.

Soft foods

Soft foods are your savior, so always choose soft foods so as not to hurt your over- sensitive teeth and gums. After each tightening, avoiding hard food can save you some discomfort immediately after you get your braces.

Orthodontic wax

There is a high chance that your dentist will send orthodontic wax with you. You can apply the wax on the inner cheeks, lips and gums when wearing braces to reduce the irritation. Applying soft, orthodontic wax over the braces creates a barrier to keeping the sharp ends of the brackets.

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Your dentist will also ask you to swish warm salt water for a minute or two to heal any soreness. The saltwater will also quickly heal any cuts you might have inside your cheeks on your gums, relieving some pain.

Gum massage

Like your shoulders or back, massaging your gum will reduce some pain too. Rub your fingers in a circular motion over your gums for a few seconds and enjoy the relief it brings.

Apart from doing all that, maintaining good dental hygiene is also essential; it keeps your braces clean. When wearing braces, food may get stuck in your braces, which is why it is crucial to keep them clean to ward off any tooth decay.

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